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Questions to Ask your Agent.

Questions to Ask Your Agent Choosing the right agent to handle the sale of your home can make the difference of thousands of dollars, months on the market, or even selling your home at all. If you are considering selling your home, here are some questions to ask when inte ... [read full post]
published March 11, 2019

Open House Extravaganza!

The Noah George Team presents Ten-Home Open House Extravaganza! New Year, New House, New You! All Open Houses this Sunday, January 6th, 2 - 4 pm 2715 Brevard Rd., $500,000 (featured) 4 3/1, 4,058sf, MLS #3458947 216 Half Circle, $185,000 2/1, 944sf, MLS #3455340 308 Rose St., $190, ... [read full post]
published January 4, 2019

Henderson County Market Update

Over the past 12 months in Henderson County, the real estate market has sustained strong buyer demand and overall low inventory levels but especially under $300,000.  Henderson County is averaging 150 single family homes sold per month, with inventory around 650 hom ... [read full post]
published October 26, 2018

Housing Market Cycles

The housing market has 4 cycles.  The top of the market, the downturn, the bottom of the market and the recovery.  Everyone wants to sell at the top of the market and everyone wants to buy at the bottom of the market.  It is foolish to time the market.  You ... [read full post]
published November 7, 2017

Happy New Year!!

We are excited about 2017 and trust it will be a wonderful year for you too.  In preparing for 2017, it is important to reflect on our 2016 real estate market in Henderson County.  As of the writing of this article, there were 1731 single family homes sold ... [read full post]
published January 6, 2017

Henderson County Residential Sales Peak

Only 5 months left in 2016 and I wonder if we will look back on 2016 as the height of the residential real estate market recovery. As a student of our local market, I must reflect on our past. The prices in Henderson County steadily increased through 2007 while the number ... [read full post]
published August 3, 2016

Celebrating 11 Years serving Henderson County

The Noah George Team recently passed over 500 homes sold and over $100 Million in volume (interestingly, half of which was accomplished in the past 2.5 years!) Starting in 2005, Noah began as an individual agent and quickly realized how the real estate business was 24/7. As ... [read full post]
published July 13, 2016
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